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If you are serious about raytracing, give yourself a favor and buy Physically Based Rendering from Matt Pharr & Malcolm Humphreys. It's huge, it's thick, it weighs a ton and will not fit in your pocket but this is definitely the reference book on the subject. Because I felt bad sampling was possibly responsible for my noisy motion blur images (see my previous post), I have opened it once again and reread chapter 7 which deals with sampling and reconstruction (by the way, this chapter is available for downloading here). This led me to conclude it was time to ditch the current "uniform" sampler and to add a brand new sampler plugin: the "stratified jittered" sampler. It was quite straightforward to adapt PBRT implementation to XRT.

The result is worth the try.

Camera motion blur
Image Unavailable
rendered with uniform sampling
Camera motion blur
Image Unavailable
rendered with stratified sampling

This is still not as good as the 3Delight reference image but a lot closer to it. The PBRT book describes other samplers:"low discrepancy" and "best candidate" which should give even better results.

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