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Quoting Sony Pictures Imageworks Open Source Software site: «Open Shading Language (OSL) is a small but rich language for programmable shading in advanced renderers and other applications. OSL is similar to C, as well as other shading languages; however, it is specifically designed for advanced rendering algorithms with features such as radiance closures, BRDFs, and deferred ray tracing as first-class concepts.

The OSL project includes a complete language specification, a compiler from OSL to an intermediate assembly-like bytecode, an interpreter that executes OSL shaders on collections of points in a SIMD manner, and extensive standard shader function library.»

Although the project is not yet production-ready, browsing the source code is very instructive: aside from the fact that the project is a very good demonstration of how to design a langage compiler and byte code interpreter, it features things that I never seen before: automatic differentiation of expressions, symbolic computing. These features allow a raytracer to compute derivatives in a very efficient manner (no need to evaluate three times a shader like BMRT did in its time, once is enough) or to perform fast relighting (running a shader does not return a color but a symbolic expression that can be stored and evaluated later against a different set of light sources). There are many other aspects of OSL that are well thought out and will favor the implementation of global illumination renderers.

For all these reasons, OSL looks like a very worthwhile component to add to the XRT renderer. However, the langage specification is not yet complete and there is currently no way to define the equivalent of RenderMan shading langage "illuminance loops" (except by wiring them into the renderer). This is a long term goal for the project but is not due soon. The roadmap will probably be detailed in the forthcoming months.

One thing I am contemplating is that, given that RSL and OSL already share a lot (keywords, types, function library), it should be possible to transform the OSL compiler into a RSL one without too much hassle. This would allow me to reuse most of OSL.

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