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Since the beginning of the year, I have entered a fairly intensive bug-fixing phase: pick a set of scenes, compute reference renderings, compare the results with XRT output and hack the code until it gets right. Lather, rince, repeat …

This is rather tedious and will probably last a few more months but I am making good progress. Of course, because there are features that I have not yet implemented, some scenes cannot look right but I have decided to halt any further development until I am confident that the current code base is solid enough.

Less bugs means also more new pictures for the galllery. Their number has steadily increased and is now over 200.

I am just done with the examples of the RenderMan Companion. This is a fairly old book (1989), so old that, at the time of its writing, the RIB file format was not yet defined and all examples were provided as C programs. These are good test cases for XRT RIB client library.

Although RenderMan Companion image content cannot really be considered any longer as cutting edge (its follow-ups, Advanced RenderMan or Renderings for Beginners, are a bit more challenging), you will find some nice pictures here.

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