What's next?

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 16:55
Tags: roadmap

Here is what I plan to do for version 2.0.

The most important added features will be:

  • Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces
  • multi-threaded rendering
  • OpenImageIO library integration
  • deformation blur
  • occlusion cache for faster ambient occlusion
  • color bleeding (and of course irradiance caching)

I also want to add lesser (in terms of development effort but nevertheless useful) features:

  • primitive variables
  • imagers
  • file format support: PLY, OBJ
  • shader message passing
  • shadeops
  • geometry sets
  • shadow bias support
  • nurbs curves
  • Python bindings for XRT extensions to Gelato
  • any other fancy stuff that allows me to render a nice picture

The third major topic will target optimisation:

  • run a profiler to identify architectural and implementation bottlenecks
  • review existing acceleration structures and possibly implement new ones (sbvh, bih, qbvh)

My ultimate goal for this release is to able to render scenes exported from Blender by Eric Back's MOSAIC.

I guess it's probably going to take me 18 to 24 months to complete all these tasks but most of them are really incremental changes. Now that packaging the software and the documentation is a lot quicker, I intend to issue releases much more frequently (when I complete new features).

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