XRT 1.0.3 released

Posted: 28 Aug 2010 13:26
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XRT 1.0.3 exports a new Shape API call that loads a shape plugin at run-time. This way, the renderer can be extended to handle new primitives without changing the core. Actually, all primitives in XRT are implemented this way: the many primitives calls provided by the API are just convenient shortcuts using Shape.

As an example, I have implemented an implicit surface plugin (an implicit surface is the set of points that obeys to the equation $f(x,y,z) =$0 where $f$ can be any arithmetic expression). The thumbnail on the left is a rendering of such a surface1. The next post will fully document this primitive.

This release also fixes the flawed implementation of LookAt introduced in the 1.0.1 release. It was not working correctly with multiple cameras. All the generators that make use of this call have been updated, including the Structure Synth exporter.

The Reference Guide, along with a few layout changes, documents the Shape call and explains how to properly use LooKAt.

The goods are available in the Downloads section.

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