XRT 2.0.1 released

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 22:07
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This release integrates a custom version of the Embree 1.1 BVH building and traversal engine, heavily modified to support all kinds of primitives and not only triangles. Compared to version 1.0, Embree 1.1 requires much less memory to build a BVH tree and therefore is able to process larger scenes at the expense of increased building times. Of course, XRT benefits from this improvement.

Here is an example of scene that XRT could not process before.

Curly hair
Image Unavailable
3.5 millions hair segments !!

You will find the new "hairy" pictures in the expanded Hair Models gallery.

Another benefit of the BVH accelerator overhaul is a small speed boost. In my first attempt to integrate Embree, I reported somewhat surprising results: the algorithms supposed to build the most efficient traversal trees had the poorest traversal speeds. I had no clues about this behaviour and I still haven't. Although I have copy/pasted the same kind of modifications in 1.1 that I did in 1.0, this time, I seem to get it right: you can expect a 10% speed increase from SAH-based algorithms.

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