XRT 2.2.0 released

Posted: 06 Nov 2013 20:34
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scene from Mathias Baas

Of course, the major feature in this release is blobby rendering. The subject has already been discussed at great length in the two previous posts and I will not say more, apart from the fact that blobbies have now a dedicated page into the gallery. But there are some other interesting features worth mentioning.

Primitive variables

In the RenderMan terminology, a "primitive variable" ("primvar" for short) is a mechanism that allows you to attach arbitrary data (variables) to objects (primitives). These values are interpolated or not (depending on their interpolation type) and passed from the object to its shader at render time. By overwriting shader parameters, they modify the way a geometric primitive is shaded. A single shader instance may then be reused for a myriad of objects. I finally implemented support for them in all XRT primitives (except for subdivision surfaces).

Some finishing touches to the RenderMan client

Apart from blobby support and a few bugs fixes, binary output is now implemented.

More examples

Blobby rendering ribs and some Python scripts using the new Python binding for RenderMan API are now available in the examples archive.

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