XRT 2.4.3 released

Posted: 01 May 2015 17:09
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Once again, this release is dedicated to the integration of OSL within XRT. I think (but can't really believe) that I am done with it. Not only the new OSL based shading system matches the capabilities of the previous RSL based shading system but also it surpasses them in terms of speed and image quality. See below the mandatory car picture for a proof of it.


Although I have been mostly fixing bugs for this release, I have also implemented something missing from the stock OSL: shader layers can connect to and from individual array members or vector components.

There is also a new kind of camera: the "equiangular" camera. It computes a 360°x180° view of a scene (capturing the whole surrounding sphere) and maps it to a rectangle, hence the name "equiangular": each pixel represents the same solid angle. The resulting picture (also called a lat/long texture because it mimics a Mercator projection) can be used as an environment map. Here is a lat/long example rendered with XRT:


A comparison between environment mapping using this picture and true reflections computed with ray-tracing.

Quick'n dirty
Image Unavailable

True life
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You will find this simple scene within the updated examples archive.

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