XRT is a raytracing based programmable rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis built around a plug-in architecture design.


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Posted: 30 Jul 2009 12:32
Tags: website

  • added autonumbering to posts not to worry any more about page names
  • renamed existing posts to fit with autonumbering
  • updated blog template and main page to improve tags display
  • changed the CSS theme of the blog to a fixed width to get a more consistent page layout across different screen sizes
  • slightly updated the layout of some of my previous posts (bigger pictures with a nice border)

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New RenderMan repository gallery

Posted: 22 Jul 2009 14:06
Tags: gallery rmr shader

I have started a new gallery with examples from the RenderMan repository. This is a very good demonstration of the power of programmable shading. Most of these examples feature very simplistic geometrical content (just one sphere or one square): the real image content comes from the shaders.

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Hairy monster

Posted: 10 Jul 2009 08:12
Tags: fur gallery gelato

There is a new creature in the Gelato gallery that demonstrates XRT fur rendering capabilities. Frightening, isn't it ?


The rendering times are frightening too (more than 10 hours on my PC). Because the fur is made of tiny little curves, sampling has been set to 6x6 subsamples. Otherwise, aliasing starts to appear as tiny holes in the individual hairs. The other issue that explains long rendering times is the fact that, in a given volume, there are lots of primitives. The BVH acceleration structure that I am using is obviously having a hard time choosing a sufficiently small set of candidates for intersection testing. This is a problem that I have already noticed while benchmarking with other simpler scenes but for which I haven't yet found a solution (improved implementation or better algorithm ?).

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New Rendering for Beginners shader gallery

Posted: 06 Jul 2009 20:46
Tags: gallery rfb shader

I have built a shader gallery with examples from the Rendering for Beginners book

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Improving the gallery (part 3)

Posted: 02 Jul 2009 21:36
Tags: arman gallery


The Advanced RenderMan gallery is now up to date.

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New AIR gallery

Posted: 01 Jul 2009 20:34
Tags: air gallery nurbs

I have fixed a nasty bug on rational NURBS surface evaluation which paves the way for more cool pictures.

I have started a new gallery based on AIR examples. Have a look here!

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Improving the gallery (part 2)

Posted: 01 Jul 2009 20:18
Tags: gallery

While re-rendering, I have bumped on bugs introduced by recent developments. So, it takes more time than expected but I am making progress. Mostly, only the Advanced RenderMan gallery needs some fixes.

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