XRT is a raytracing based programmable rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis built around a plug-in architecture design.


Surge or slump ?

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 12:42
Tags: examples

I have slightly expanded the XRT examples archive.

  • The source for the global illumination example seen here is now included.
  • The Menger Sponge procedural example has been updated.
  • For those puzzled by fractals, I offer this alternative:

Power charge
Image Unavailable

Image Unavailable

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Two CGKit animations

Posted: 03 Dec 2011 09:34
Tags: animation cgkit

Last month, I have stumbled upon two animations from Roger Stuckey made with CGKit. CGKit is a really neat collection of Python modules dedicated to 3D graphics. Amongst a plethora of features, you can run rigid body dynamics simulations and export them to RenderMan RIB format. Here they are, rendered with 256 ambient occlusion samples (a rather high number required to avoid noise flickering across frames). I have tweaked a bit the original scripts mainly to reduce the size ot the generated RIBs (instead of a 500+ MB file, the teapots animation RIB is now less than 3 MB). If you want to pay a look, here are links to the files: pyode_render_ex3.py for the blocks animation and pyode_render_ex4.py for the teapots animation.

Falling Blocks


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