Here is what I plan to do for version 2.0.

The most important added features will be:

  • Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces
  • multi-threaded rendering
  • OpenImageIO library integration
  • deformation blur -> postponed to 3.0
  • occlusion cache for faster ambient occlusion
  • color bleeding (and of course irradiance caching)

I also want to add lesser (in terms of development effort but nevertheless useful) features:

  • primitive variables -> postponed to 3.0
  • imagers -> postponed to 3.0
  • file format support: PLY, OBJ
  • shader message passing
  • shadeops -> canceled
  • geometry sets
  • shadow bias support
  • nurbs curves -> postponed to 3.0
  • Python bindings for XRT extensions to Gelato
  • any other fancy stuff that allows me to render a nice picture

The third major topic will target optimisation:

  • run a profiler to identify architectural and implementation bottlenecks
  • review existing acceleration structures and possibly implement new ones (sbvh, bih -> no release date, qbvh)