This software package is Windows-only. Sorry for MacOS and Linux fans !


Needed to uncompress XRT archives.

This enables Python scripting in XRT.


Download the run-time latest version (2.5.0) here. This is a plain and simple archive. To install, uncompress it where you want.

XRT has only a command-line interface. To run it, open a console, go to the installation directory, type xrt.bat. This will set up all necessary environment variables but will not change anything to your current setup. You are now ready to render pictures.

Release history


Structure Synth

To install, just copy Pyg.rendertemplate in the Misc folder of your Structure Synth installation directory. To render, XRT 1.0.3 or more is required.


A 7-Zip archive containing examples demonstrating some of the capabilities of XRT is available here. To run the examples, setup a console as described in the previous paragraph, go to the examples root folder and type make render. This will render all examples. A fair warning: some pictures take quite some time to complete. Alternatively, you can type xrt <file> to render a single example.


The XRT Technical Reference document is included in the run-time package and is also available as a separate download. You may also have a look at the Overview page for a quick glance.